International meeting of Amazon workers – February 2016

18-21 February 2016 in Berlin

Dear workmates!

after the successful meeting in Poznan (Poland) last September, Amazon workers from Poland and Germany are inviting to the meeting and exchange – this time in Berlin, 18-21 February 2016.

In Germany, workers’ struggle at Amazon has gained momentum again over the last weeks and months. Dozens of small and big strikes before and during the Christmas peak show that Amazon employees keep fighting. In Poland, collective action lies ahead since Amazon management have broken off arbitration.

Following up on the direct exchange of workers in September we will be organising the next meeting in Berlin in February to continue our exchange about working conditions. This exchange is central as Amazon systematically keeps spreading misinformation. We also want to discuss our further struggle and to plan common action. Because we know that the struggle at Amazon can be won only internationally. 


We will speak Polisch, German, French and English. All languages are welcome. We are inviting many interpreters.

Organisational questions

We are still settling the coverage of costs and places to sleep. They also depend on the number of participants, therefore we ask you to register as soon as possible. 


More information:


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