Safe Package – Greeting from Leipzig

Greeting from Germany to our companions in Poland and France

Together we are strong! Only together we are able to move Amazon!

Dear Amazonians in Poland and France,

Your colleagues from Germany are sending you solidarity greetings and wish you success with the action „Safe Package“ during the Amazon-Prime-Week!

This week extensive strikes and actions have been and are taking place in Germany in various FCs. On the 12th of July we also called for „Safe Package“ before we went on strike a couple of hours later.  Thereby we want to underline that we are part of an international movement!

Further „Safety Days“ will follow, other FCs will join us, too. Let‘s continue in a coordinated manner.   Our payment may be quiet different, but one issue unites us: Our working conditions! We are exposed to uniform standards, processes, work instructions.  And we do not want only to get a decent payment, but we also want work under healthy working conditions! This common claims constitute the base for common action.

Let‘s keep on fighting together for healthy work and fair payment!  We are looking forward to common actions –  or even common strikes!

Amazonians from Leipzig (LEJ), Germany, organized in ver.di

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