Don’t give up, the victory is ours! To: Amazon BHM1’s workers and Mid-South RWDSU

Fellow workers! Amazon Workers International expresses our class solidarity with all workers engaged in the very important labor struggle within Amazon warehouses in the USA, which we believe is connected with the struggle for black lives and against systemic racism.

We know that Amazon is carrying out a shameful anti-union propaganda, which angers us but also makes us understand the historical importance of this vote for unionization in Alabama and throughout the US.

It will be not be easy: resist every attack and fight until victory!

History shows us that workers can achieve great things only if they are organized and united.

Our network was born precisely to break down the national boundaries of Amazon workers’ struggles and connect them on a global level.

We will be happy to bring our experience by putting us in contact with anyone of you who would like to write to us at:

Solidarity greetings

Amazon Workers International Commitee

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